“The LEISHLine was a life saver! I tell everyone about it.”

Spring 2017, I went to a rehabilitation center at a major university to detox from pain meds. (I’d been on them for over twelve years in one form or another.) 10 days after being admitted I awoke in the ICU on a ventilator. The last thing I remembered was being admitted and shown to my room. Apparently, I was given an overdose of Suboxone. I had a heart attack, and was found unresponsive, on the floor, next to my bed. I’d been laying there for five hours in a pool of vomit. I aspirated, and after developing stress induced hyperglycemia (320), metabolic encephalopathy, and hypoxia (63 percent O2 sat), I went into septic shock. They said if I was found only 20 minutes later, I wouldn’t have survived.

10 months later, trying to catch up financially from the loss, I was involved in a car accident. I hadn’t noticed, but I had an acute exasperation of heart failure and, within five days, I was in acute respiratory failure.

The LEISHLine came to the rescue. I was able to pay the deductible to have my car repaired, allowing me to return to work, saving us from homelessness.

— Lisa Partaker

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