A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

On December 27, 2018, I had a hysterectomy. During the surgery, my surgeon cut my bowel. So, for 3 days bowel leaked into my abdomen.

I went into septic shock, multiple organ failure, and respiratory failure. I was in a coma for a month. During my recovery, bills were overwhelming but the LEISHLine was there to help me not worry so much. I have had 17 surgeries this year to repair damage done by sepsis. Social Security denied my claim so now I have to go back to work because these bills are steady coming. I am blessed to be here, but I hate my children had to watch me go through all this. 

  • Nicole Daily, Survivor

Following near-death experience, Marc and Audrey Leishman advocate for sepsis awareness

By Doug Milne, PGATOUR.COM

The Leishmans Begin Again Foundation

As far as the notion of fate goes, Marc and Audrey Leishman’s story makes a strong argument for the power of aligned stars.

Even at a time when death seemed determined to cut those stars from the sky.  

Aligned stars, though, is more than some preordained, cosmic phenomenon. The course of one’s life is dictated largely by people encountered along the way. The relationship experience has a pretty impressive way of directing a life.

Not only is that experience working elegantly for Marc and Audrey, but through unlikely and terrifying circumstances, it also led to another special relationship that would help pave the way for their mission in life.

Marc and Audrey Leishman met many moons ago at a bar, arguably not the best spot for lasting relationships to start. Marc was in Williamsburg, Va. for a now-Korn Ferry Tour Monday qualifier. Audrey was there, at the Green Leafe Cafe, with friends gearing up for a concert.

“I’d had a few beers when I got the courage to go off and talk to her,” Marc joked. “It was a pretty quiet bar, and we just hit it off while I was drinking beers.”

Theirs would become one that defied the “met-in-a-bar” relationship odds.

By now, many people are at least familiar with the story of how Audrey nearly lost her life four years ago. What many don’t know, though, is that she nearly lost it because of, well, what people don’t know. MORE