Did you know? For every hour sepsis treatment is delayed, the risk of death increases as much as 8% and more children die of sepsis than pediatric cancers.

We are committed to spreading awareness about the signs and symptoms of sepsis. Our new Sepsis Ambassador program is a grassroots effort to inform communities around the country about what to look for when suspecting sepsis.

Our Sepsis Ambassadors will go through training and then identify speaking opportunities in their communities such as PTA organizations, local community events and more to help us spread a very important message!

Want to be an Ambassador? Want to help us SUSPECT SEPSIS, SAVE LIVES?

– Passionate about the cause
– Comfortable speaking in public and forming relationships

– Availability to speak in public periodically throughout the year.
– Available to have frequent calls and communication with the Begin Again Foundation team.
– Comfortable with basic computer skills.
– Provide feedback to the Begin Again Foundation team.
– Able to put forth effort in a cause that we are so passionate about.

**Ambassadors may be subject to a background check.