In April of 2020, The Begin Again Foundation launched community support initiatives throughout Southeastern Virginia in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting Healthcare Workers. The Begin Again Foundation has partnered with local restaurants to provide meals to healthcare workers on the front line. As of May 2020, we have provided over 600 meals in partnership with 10 local restaurants for emergency departments and ICUs throughout Southeastern Virginia.

In July of 2020, Southeastern Virginia was identified as a COVID-19 hot spot by the Governor of Virginia. In August of 2020, The Begin Again Foundation partnered with the hospital meal train to continue to provide meals for healthcare workers on the front line. If you’d like to support the meal train, please click the donate button below.

Face Masks for the Front Line. The Begin Again Foundation began delivering face masks to front line grocery and restaurant employees, nonprofit organizations and the community at-large in May of 2020. We have delivered over 1,000 face masks throughout Southeastern Virginia.

If you reside in Southeastern Virginia and are in need of a cloth face mask, please click the button below to complete our face mask request form.

Did you know that people battling COVID-19 are also being diagnosed with sepsis? Knowing the signs and symptoms of sepsis can save your life. Click on the image above to download our sepsis symptoms flyer.