A Husband’s Warning

In October of 2017 my wife came home from work with soreness under her right arm . I assumed it was just something that happened at work and we went to bed . The next morning she calls me at work and complained about not feeling well and wanted to go to the doctor. While we were at the doctors office she started vomiting about every 5 minutes. The doctor did the usual things along with a chest x-ray. They gave her some meds and scheduled a CT scan for later that day. We came home and she finally fell asleep after being up all night . I felt she needed the sleep and called them to postpone scan till next morning and they told me that would be ok. Little did I know,  the next morning she couldn’t get herself out of bed. I rushed the boys ,12 and 5 yrs old at the time , to school and we went to ER. There they ran scans and tests as her blood pressure dropped to 75/45 they diagnosed her with cellulitis and sent her via ambulance to nearest hospital for further evaluation.  Brandy was still cognizant of what was go on around her but I became very worried.  Once at the hospital she started acting oddly and panicky and it just became worse . The doctors told me they were gonna sedate her because they didn’t want the infection traveling to her brain.  She was intubated basically 48 hrs from our first visit.  At this point I didn’t know what to think , she was septic and scheduled for surgery to try to remove infection. This was the start of the scariest roller coaster ride of our lives.

I was told on several occasions following surgery to prepare for the worst.  I just couldn’t imagine the boys and I trying to live life without her. That just couldn’t happen! Brandy fought and kept fighting through 6 months in ICU where she developed ARDS along with several weeks of dialysis, numerous other infections,  blood transfusions etc. The list is too long to mention.  One of the biggest victories was her surviving ECMO for 87 days and was the first to actually walk while on the machine.  Fast forward to now.  Brandy’s lungs were very damaged during this sickness and now we await a double lung transplant.  She is  so strong and she tries so hard to stay positive through the struggles of needing oxygen 24/7. She has a family and two young boys who absolutely love her and we are believers! We believe God brought her through this for a reason and we will continue to live on the positive side of life. I feel like her story needs to be heard.

We have another journey staring us in the face with the transplant but we will do it. Keep us in your prayers as we will now try to find the finances to make this happen so my Brandy can have her life back so she can run and play and live the life she so dearly wants back with her boys and her family. Thank you for this foundation . Everyone needs to know how scary sepsis really is. 

   –  Coby Holtcamp 

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