Following Audrey’s near-death experience with Toxic Shock Syndrome after tampon use, she developed a fiery passion for women’s health and committed to providing access to safe, organic feminine hygiene products to homeless women. Approximately 423 homeless women are sheltered at any given time in Virginia Beach.* Women experiencing homelessness are often faced with the choice between finding their next meal or using unsafe, toxic resources during their period.

In partnership with Period., an organization dedicated to addressing periods in homeless communities across the country, we deliver monthly packages of “Audrey-approved” disposable pads to Virginia Beach homeless shelters along with educational materials to protect women against Toxic Shock Syndrome. One less tampon can truly save a life.

*Based on Union Mission Ministries 2016 statistics


  • (15) 100% Cotton Disposable Pads
  • (5) Organic Overnight Pads
  • (5) Pantiliners

Virgnia Beach Homeless Community Statistics


Total Population (Men, Women and Children)


Total # of Population Sheltered


Total # of Women Sheltered


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