Following near-death experience, Marc and Audrey Leishman advocate for sepsis awareness

By Doug Milne, PGATOUR.COM

The Leishmans Begin Again Foundation

As far as the notion of fate goes, Marc and Audrey Leishman’s story makes a strong argument for the power of aligned stars.

Even at a time when death seemed determined to cut those stars from the sky.  

Aligned stars, though, is more than some preordained, cosmic phenomenon. The course of one’s life is dictated largely by people encountered along the way. The relationship experience has a pretty impressive way of directing a life.

Not only is that experience working elegantly for Marc and Audrey, but through unlikely and terrifying circumstances, it also led to another special relationship that would help pave the way for their mission in life.

Marc and Audrey Leishman met many moons ago at a bar, arguably not the best spot for lasting relationships to start. Marc was in Williamsburg, Va. for a now-Korn Ferry Tour Monday qualifier. Audrey was there, at the Green Leafe Cafe, with friends gearing up for a concert.

“I’d had a few beers when I got the courage to go off and talk to her,” Marc joked. “It was a pretty quiet bar, and we just hit it off while I was drinking beers.”

Theirs would become one that defied the “met-in-a-bar” relationship odds.

By now, many people are at least familiar with the story of how Audrey nearly lost her life four years ago. What many don’t know, though, is that she nearly lost it because of, well, what people don’t know. MORE

Marc and Audrey Leishman host another big Begin Again Celebrity Golf Classic

New Leish on life

Author: Connor Rhiel, 13 News Now 

On the eve of the 2015 Masters, you could have forgiven Marc Leishman for assuming the impending major was the most important thing in his life.

However, after his wife Audrey was rushed to the hospital while he was completing practice rounds at Augusta, losing a tournament was the last thing on his mind, because he nearly lost much more. Audrey was placed in a medically induced coma, suffering from toxic shock syndrome. After 96 hours and a number of experimental treatments, Audrey beat the odds and pulled through.

The near tragedy birthed a fresh perspective for Marc, and a new opportunity for the Leishmans. They have since started the Begin Again Celebrity Classic at Bayville Golf Club in Virginia Beach. The two day event featuring a Gala and 18 holes raises awareness and money for others suffering from similar medical conditions, and Marc, he’ll never forget that on the eve of this event or any other, the result doesn’t matter nearly as much as those you share it with. MORE

Ernie Els, Nick Price among celebrities in Virginia Beach for 3rd annual Begin Again Celebrity Classic

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – PGA TOUR professional Marc Leishman and wife Audrey hosted the third annual Begin Again Celebrity Classic presented by The Somers Jones Group and Merrill Lynch, a two-day event to help families in need in the Virginia Beach community and beyond.

“Since its inception, the Begin Again Foundation has received tremendous support and love from many and we couldn’t be more excited to show our appreciation as we host our Celebrity Classic for the third year,” says Marc Leishman. “This year, we have so much to share that our past one-day event has turned into two as we showcase why we do what we do.” MORE

Celebrities join Leishman for charity golf tournament

VIRGINIA BEACH (WAVY) – Marc and Audrey Leishman’s story has resonated throughout the sports world. Audrey’s near-death experience from Toxic Shock Syndrome inspired her and her PGA Tour husband to start the “Begin Again” Foundation, which provides financial aid to families facing medical hardships.

A number of star athletes and other celebrities decided to lend a helping hand to the Leishman’s cause, and made the trip to Bayville Golf Club for the couple’s third annual “Begin Again” Celebrity Classic. MORE

Wife’s health scare gives Leishman new outlook on golf

By Scott Michaux |

There’s a universal refrain shared at Augusta Na­tional Golf Club this week, from players and patrons to media and members: We’re lucky to be here.

Few, however, understand that more palpably than Australian golfer Marc Leishman.

“This time last year, everything was normal,” Leishman said before Masters Week. “My wife got sick the week before the Masters. It’ll be interesting to see how it feels going back there for the first time, because that’s where I got the call when I was there the week before for practice rounds.”

A year ago, Leishman left Au­gus­ta National in the wee hours after getting an emergency call from his wife, Audrey. His entire world was crashing down when she was barely clinging to life in a Virginia Beach, Va., hospital with toxic shock syndrome. He wasn’t sure he’d ever be back. MORE

‘My wife nearly died while I was playing the Masters’

By Mark Cannizzaro

AUGUSTA, Ga. — For those fortunate enough to make the drive down Magnolia Lane, it’s a special and memorable experience.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.14.34 AM

For Marc Leishman, the drive down the iconic, narrow, tree-lined lane that leads to the fabled Augusta National clubhouse on Monday was like none he had ever taken.

Leishman, the 32-year-old Aussie, has made the drive before, having played the 2010, 2013 and 2014 Masters. But this one was different. It’s deeper and more meaningful.

A year ago, Leishman was forced to flee Augusta National on the eve of the Masters when he received word that his wife, Audrey, had been hospitalized with potentially deadly toxic shock syndrome. MORE